Monday, December 31, 2018

2019 New Year Message from Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi

IKGA President
Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi
Happy New Year!

I hope all IKGA members have been enjoying an auspicious New Year's celebration for 2019.

For those families who have greeted the New Year with sickness or misfortune, please don’t fret, but utilize your strongest Goju Ibuki to overcome it for a brighter future.

Children and adults, lets enjoy Karatedo with your friends, and together try your best to achieve new channels and levels.

In the international community in recent years, discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment and power harassment by sports leaders, as well as doping by athletes, have become major social problems. As people who love Karatedo, it is very important for us to face these problems seriously, with sincere and careful consideration and awareness when dealing with such problems.

Our Karatedo training gives us energy, and increases our strength and technique as we progress from white belt through the ranks. A change in belt color means more than simply improving and gaining a new rank. Through years of practice, you gain experience and learn “to see things and to experience things differently”.

Gaining higher rank and becoming a "sempai", regardless of your age, means people around you acknowledge you have achieved a higher rank. Besides better technique, stamina and knowledge,  gaining a higher rank means that you have earned trustworthiness.

The most important thing is to have self-confidence and to aim for continued improvement. In Karatedo, wearing a Black Belt is not the end. Rather, putting on a Black Belt means that you have acquired a good foundation in Karatedo, and it becomes the first step on the path of true Karatedo training.

When you gain a Black Belt, understanding and self-reflection become possible to a certain degree, but judgment, patience, perseverance and the ability to adapt are still somewhat immature. By devoting oneself to pursue even higher rank, one heightens their harmony and compassion, and learns leadership and good governance and gains Human Power.

What is Human Power useful for?

Human Power is not only wherewithal - it is being able to sympathize with one another, to not be ashamed of oneself, to support your fellow human beings, and to be a contributing member of society who challenges life brightly, happily and without regret.

Let us not narrow our environment, and through Karatedo, let us aspire to great hopes and dreams.
This year's characteristics follow last year’s wish for "Braveness". The three resolutions for this year are:

Will to confront
Will to not spare effort
Will to persevere

January 1, 2019  Goshi Yamaguchi



IKGA会員の皆さん 2019年の新年を元気にお迎えられましたか?













今年の指標は昨年の“勇気”に続いて “三つの決意”としました。


2019年 元旦 山口剛史